by Freek Persyn

How to recommend a ‘Bureau des Recommandations’? Maybe by asking: what does such an office do?

In an age flooded with things, it is already a luxury to have someone tell you what you could get next. But there is more to it than that. The Bureau goes beyond offering you an exquisite selection of things they have hunted and gathered. The essence of what they can do is more intangible.

The ‘Bureau des Recommandations’ offers a mix of listening, caring and proposing. They will handle your questions in all their complexity, and treat them with a sensibility that is their own. They do this to offer you something that will be completely unique: the essential clues to produce the possibility that you didn’t imagine before.


Bureau des Recommandations is a new kind of consultancy connecting people to products and services. We advice private clients and professionals from the public and private sector.

We implement your project and act creatively with multidisciplinary teams depending on each request.

Bureau des Recommandations operates within the following areas:
— Architecture
— Design
— Contemporary Art
— Travel
— Events


Bureau des Recommandations is led by Emmanuel Debroise.

He graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the College of Arts Saint-Luc Tournai in 2005 and a Master's degree from the National School of Visual Arts La Cambre in Brussels in 2007.