Kees Goudzwaard makes works which at first sight appear to be minimal colour studies constructed from rectangles of paper and masking tape. But seen close up, the works are revealed as painstakingly created trompe l’oeil paintings.




The work of German artist Thomas Demand (born 1964) achieves a disquieting balance between the convincingly real and the strangely artificial. Initially a sculptor, Demand first took up the camera to record his ephemeral paper constructions.


Still Life (Candle)


In Still Life (Candle), an On Kawara painting, May 26, 1994, from his Today series, hangs behind a dining room table, recently abandoned, and littered with dirty dishes, wineglasses and an ashtray filled with crushed cigarette butts.





During his time as a student Ruff worked as the ‘art director’ for the Dusseldorf post-punk band EKG. In return, the band members modelled for Ruff’s early photographic experiments. It was at this time that he began working on a series of portraits, a genre that had all but vanished from the Dusseldorf Academy.