Felco 2


This is the original Felco pruner design, and has remained unchanged for over forty years. Imitated the world over, this popular model, like all the other Felco models, continues the fine Swiss tradition of workmanship.




An enamelled metal top is supported by three steel rods. A rotating joint in self-lubricating material to protect the enamel moves the third leg so that the table may be folded flat.




The traditional form of observation. The Habicht binoculars are the classic optical system that has been tried and tested and continually developed for generations. Their light-alloy housing and extremely sturdy yet lightweight design make them particularly suitable for taking on excursions.


LÖWE 1.104



It was the LÖWE 1 which made the Original LÖWE brand and the anvil principle – a drawing cut against a fixed base plate - world famous. Its capabilities, which make it useful in practically any situation and extremely robust, make it standard issue for viticulture, fruit growing and horticulture the world over.