Cumano is one of Castiglioni’s most exemplary operations of redesign (inspired by the classic little outdoor café table created towards the end of the 1800’s). An enamelled metal top is supported by three steel rods. A rotating joint in self-lubricating material to protect the enamel moves the third leg so that the table may be folded flat. After folding it, the table can be put away or hung up on the wall. In fact, a hole in the table top - the table comes with a specially designed wall peg – adds the idea of “hanging” to the original design idea of “putting away”.

Model : Cumano

Year : 1978

Type : folding table

Manufacturer : Zanotta

Origin : Italy

Designer : Achille Castiglioni

Material : steel, ABS 

Dimensions : W 55 x H 70 / H folded 114 cm