Drinking Set No.280

The Drinking Set No.280 – consisting of white wine glass, red wine glass, water glass and a champagne cup – presents a contemporary alternative to the traditional range. The aim was to develop an uncomplicated, elegant and versatile set to be used often in daily life. Each glass has its own character, and is produced to perfectly suit its purpose. Every single product is handled with the care of at least 18 hands during production.

Model : Drinking Set No.280

Year : 2008

Type : glass

Manufacturer : J. & L. Lobmeyr

Origin : Vienna, Austria

Designer : Polka

Material : mouth-blown crystal

Dimensions : 
white wine glass, Ø 79 x H 212 mm
red wine glass, Ø 99 x H 200 mm
water glass, Ø 76 x H 120 mm
champagne cup, Ø 110 x H 140 mm