Kevi 2533

Kevi is the classic office chair with the hardwearing principle: the better you sit, the more you get done. Designed by an architect, it is suitable for homes, offices, schools and workplaces where one solution must satisfy many demands. Everything is visible, nothing is superfluous: seat, back, base, and controls designed to functional perfection. A simple well-balanced formula that incorporates aesthetic appeal with freedom of movement plus the flexibility you would expect from a full-service program.

Model : Kevi 2533

Year : 1973

Type : office chair

Manufacturer : Engelbrechts

Origin : Denmark

Designer : Jørgen Rasmussen

Material : satin polished aluminium, painted veneer

Dimensions :
seat height 38-51 cm
seat width 46.5 cm
five-legged base Ø 58 cm