Serif TV

SERIF TV moves away from the trend of ultra thin screens. Its presence is like an object; you can turn around and manipulate it. It can even stand on the floor when using the legs. Like pulling a curtain over the screen, the user interface applies a filter over the content, giving an abstract impression of what is going on behind. When ‘curtain mode’ is active, viewers can access simple services such as a clock, Bluetooth speakers, apps and their photo gallery.

Model : SERIF TV

Year : 2015

Type : television

Manufacturer : Samsung

Origin : South Korea

Designer : Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Dimensions :
40-inch W 929 x H 560 x 174 mm
32-inch W 732 x 445 x 137 mm
24-inch W 554 x 344 x 125 mm