Ulmer Hocker


The Ulmer Hocker furniture unit was designed in 1954 by Max Bill together with Hans Gugelot for the students of the Ulm School of Design, and was produced in Bill’s own carpentry workshop with wood that had been donated.




Though he’s renowned as “chair-maker of chair-makers,” Danish designer Hans Wegner’s stools are not to be ignored. The CH53 is a sturdy stool or footrest, handmade from solid hardwood and woven paper cord. Suitable for a wide variety of uses, it’s tall enough to be used around a dining table and flexible enough for the living room, front hall or bedroom.


Stool 60



This stackable stool was designed by Alvar Aalto during the years of 1932-33. Aalto developed the bent L-shaped leg to achieve his ultimate design aesthetic which mixed art and nature with technology. This unique bending technology became the basis of Stool 60 and was later patented.